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Atrocities in Kashmir & Indian obduracy:

Ayesha Ifrahim

Recently, Amnesty International, in its report titled ‘A Lawless Law’ has termed the Public Safety Act (PSA) as a ‘lawless law’ and asked the state government to repeal it. Amnesty International flayed the authorities for using administrative detention as “a tool to hold hundreds of people each year without charge or trial in order to keep them out of circulation.” Also notes that the “state officials often implement the Public Safety Act in an arbitrative and abusive manner… Detaining authorities fail to provide material on which the grounds of detention are based to detainees or their lawyers. Detainees can approach (often successfully) to the High Court to quash their order of detention, but Amnesty International’s research clearly shows that the J&K authorities consistently thwart the High Court’s orders for release by re-detaining individuals under criminal charges and or issuing further detention orders, thereby securing their continued incarceration.’’

Amnesty International further says that many of the people detained under the PSA without charge or trial for periods of two years or more may have committed no recognizably criminal offence at all. “Under the PSA, detention can be justified for undefined acts “prejudicial to the security of the State” and for extremely broadly defined acts “prejudicial to the maintenance of public order. The possibility of detention on such vague and broadly defined allegations violates the principle of legality required by Article 9(1) of the International Covenant on civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), to which India is a party.”

Ironically, human rights are violated on large scale in the so-called world’s largest democracy. To crush the Kashmiri Liberation movement, India has employed various techniques including black laws. Prevention of Terrorism Act (POTA), Terrorist and Disruptive Activities Act 1990 (TADA) and Armed Forces Special Powers Act 1990, (AFSPA) are enforced in Kashmir despite the fact that they contravenes the Indian Constitution and international law. These laws violate the basic human rights such as right to life, the right to liberty and security of the person and the right to remedy. The Armed Forces (Jammu & Kashmir) Special Powers enforced on 10 September, 1990 authorized even a non-commissioned officer to search any place, fire at any person (and kill), or arrest on the basis of suspicion. TADA gives security forces and armed forces special powers for unauthorized administrative detention without formal charges or trial for up to one year. Under POTA, any person can be put into prison for not disclosing the information that can prevent an act of terrorism.

In Kashmir, there is one soldier for every twenty people. There are 5,00,000 armed troops, 3,00,000 army men, 70,000 Rashtriya Rifle soldiers, 1,30,000 central police forces as against the total population of 1 crore. In the past 20 years, a generation of Kashmiris has grown with soldiers at every street corner “often even in their living rooms”. The grievance of the people is that instead of confining the role of the military and security forces to that of external defence and as against militants, it is regularly and continuously used for domestic repression; and as Professor Hameeda Nayeem says : “that has transformed the Indian state into a source of deep insecurity for the citizens – as instruments of the persistent violator of human rights and converted the Indian military into an illegitimate agent of repression. Both in turn seriously undermine the democratic credential of the state.” This excessive militarization has resulted in wiping out all space for the exercise of democratic rights by the people, the result being terrorization of the people at large. This has resulted in ruthless action on all dissent, and at the same time the military indulges in acts of violence against people with impunity.

Human rights organizations are routinely denied permission to investigate in a free manner. Media-men are being attacked and arrested. Humanitarian relief is limited as external agencies are not being allowed to provide medical assistance and other relief materials. Many cases of human rights violation stem from abuse of power under repressive laws and police/army brutality unleashed against the Kashmiri people. They are taken into custody for acts that are legitimized by international human rights standards of free speech, freedom of association and assembly, and freedom of the press. The Indian government’s failure to account for these abuses and to take rigorous action against its forces responsible for murder, rape and torture speaks volumes of its fake posture of secular and democratic state. These atrocities are true reflection of its policy of condoning human rights violations by the Indian security forces in Kashmir that needs to be addressed, the sooner the better.


China Separate Visa For Kashmiris, A Step To Travel Freedom.



The Chinese embassy here has recently issued stamped visas to Indian occupied Kashmiris on a separate sheet of paper and not on their passports.

The visas were stamped on separate papers and not on passports; a practice started recently in the case of those hailing from Arunachal Pradesh, which Beijing says is a disputed territory.

The action with regard to Kashmiri travelers is seen as an attempt by China to question status of Jammu and Kashmir as part of India.

It is great pleasure for all citizens of Kashmir that the Chinese embassy is issuing stamped visas to some citizen of Kashmir on a separate sheet of paper and not on their passports . This type of separate visa gave more encourage to the people of Kashmir and make new dimensions to travel freedom.

Kashmir is disputed territory. India is in violation of many UN resolutions that call for plebiscite on Kashmir. In fact the incorporation of Kashmir into Indian Territory via the Indian Constitution is illegal without the holding of a plebiscite. China appears to be simply acknowledging that Kashmir is disputed territory, and formatting its visa regime to suit.

Separatist leaders say that China’s decision to issue visas to Kashmiris on separate sheets reflects Beijing’s recognition of Kashmir as disputed territory.

Kashmir, where tens of thousands of people have been killed since an anti-India insurgency broke out in 1989, is divided between India, Pakistan and China.

India controls around 45 percent of the former princely state, Pakistan around a third and China the rest, a largely uninhabited slice of high-altitude desert.


The visa issue is very simple…China considers Kashmir as disputed territory like India considers Tibet as disputed territory. The only difference is that there is no Un resolution in Tibet but a series of UN resolutions on Kashmir suggest a disputed land.  Why is the India running away from truth?  Kashmir will be an independent country one day like it was before 1947.

China has taken a very much good decision to issue separate visas for Kashmiri nationals. Kashmir has been struggling for its freedom from last 60 Years. Indian Army has forcedly occupied Kashmir. If India claims Kashmir as integral part why Indian Army Killed more than one lakh innocent Kashmiris in the region.  Indian army have to stop Killing now innocent Kashmiris. This is a bitter truth which all Indians Know that Kashmir Was separate Nation. In short I appreciate this decision of CHINA. I hope all Nations of the World will help us to set KASHMIR FREE FROM INDIA

China has rightly issued visas on a separate piece of paper, as Kashmir does not belong to India. India has forcedly occupied Kashmir. Kashmiris have been rightly struggling for its independence for last 60 years. One day or the other Kashmir will be a new nation. The sooner the India and its citizen accept this, the better. We are Kashmiris and I know this. We thank China for this step

This is for the kind information of those ignorant people, who I think don’t know true history of Jammu Kashmir. I want to clear one thing especially for the Indians that I am a Kashmiri national and will always appreciate moves like Chine did while issuing separate visas to Kashmiris.
One thing is clear that Jammu Kashmir is not part of India and the state will never become part of India, which I think is a rough state which always suppressed the neighbors besides its own population in occupied territories of the Jammu Kashmir and other states.

We are thankful to world’s emerging power China as well as the 56-nation Organization of Islamic Conference, which always supported Kashmiris in their struggle for the national independence. We appreciate China for its courageous decision to issue separate visas to Kashmiris.

 Kashmir is an internationally recognized Disputed territory as per UN resolutions.

China is doing the right thing here, meanwhile the biggest democracy in the world can keep 2/3rds of its standing army in 1 occupied state out of 27 other states and claim it is integral part of India, yea right.  (A Blog of Different Comments).  The End



2 Millions Jammu Emigrants And State Jammu & Kashmir Citizen Are Waiting

To Open New Crossing Point Chumb-Jorrian On Line of Control.

Let India-Pakistan Open Chumb-Jorrian Crossing Point As Soon As Possible.


Kashmir dispute could not be solving between India-Pakistan after the partition of subcontinent since1947. A unit of State Jammu & Kashmir had divided into two main parts in subcontinent division. One part of State Jammu & Kashmir under the control of Government of Pakistan is called Azad Jammu & Kashmir and Northern Areas.  Another part of State Jammu & Kashmir under the control of Indian Government is called Indian Occupied Kashmir including Jammu (45% population) Kashmir Valley (53% population) and Ladakh (2% population).  China was occupied Aksai Chan (part of Ladakh) during India-China war in 1962.  Some parts of Northern Areas were also handed over to China.


 Kashmiri families were also divided in different parts of State Jammu & Kashmir with its own division.  Son in Azad Jammu & Kashmir and parents in Indian Occupied Kashmir, Sister in Azad Jammu & Kashmir and brother in Indian Occupied Kashmir, grandfather’s family in Azad Jammu & Kashmir and maternal grandfather’s family in Indian Occupied Kashmir, home in Azad Jammu & Kashmir and property in Indian Occupied Kashmir.  The meetings of divided Kashmiri families have essential in the presence of such cultural, religious and blood relations.


The temporary cease-fire line was marked on July 27th, 1949.  Cease-fire line also called Line of Control. Kashmiries of both side of LOC have right to free travel in all parts of State Jammu & Kashmir, according to UN Resolution on Jan 5th, 1949.


“ There shall be freedom of press, speech, and assembly and freedom of travel in the state including freedom of lawful entry and exit. ” 

                            (Appendix UN Resolution Jan 5th, 1949 S/1196, Para 51,7  b)      


India was also accepted UN Resolution on Jan 5th, 1949. India had been allowing Kashmiries of both parts of Kashmir through entry permit to free travel on ancient passes located on LOC since up to 1956.  India was violated UN Resolutions and human rights in 1956 and closed ancient roots on LOC through cancellation of entry permit. In the result of this decision, Kashmiri divided families had been bounded in both parts of LOC since long time. 


But another hand, number of Kashmiri emigrants gradually increased during India-Pakistan war in 1947, 1965, 1971.  Majority of Kashmiri emigrants was populated in Punjab cities nearby Azad Jammu & Kashmir border.  Mostly Kashmiri emigrants were belonged from Jammu Division where majority population was Hindu and Sikh. Kashmiri emigrants belongings from Jammu was settled in Bhimber, Mirpur and Kotli Districts of Azad Kashmir and other cities of Pakistan like: Gujarat, Jhelum, Gujranawala, Sialkot, Mureed Kay, Jhang, Chakwal, Rawalpindi and Karachi.      


Table of Kashmiri Emigrants Belongings From Indian Occupied Kashmir.


Number of Emigrants


2.0 Millions

Kashmir Valley

.05 Million

Overseas Kashmiri

.45 Million


2.5 Millions



Many Valley Kashmir emigrants were come in Azad Kashmir when indigenous freedom movement again started in Indian Occupied Kashmir since 1988.  But they had not right to free travel across the LOC. Because India was freeze their right of free travel in the State Jammu & Kashmir under UN Resolution. So millions Kashmiries families member had to divide in different parts of State Jammu & Kashmir.  Kashmiri emigrants had strong wish to see snapshot and listen sound of their relatives.  The village Keren is located on the bank of Neelum River in Azad Jammu & Kashmir.  There are Neelum River shows the sign of LOC.  Divided Kashmiri families members use to come here often, wish to see highlight of their relatives on prefixed time.  They have to face many difficulties to meet their relatives in anyway. There are also poor telecommunication facilities between India Occupied Kashmir and Azad Kashmir. Kashmiries of Indian Occupied Kashmir have to face much more difficulties to get Indian passport.   It is impossible to get Indian passport for Kashmiries.  If Indian Government issues the passport, it takes long period about five to seven years.  Indian Government is also stamping special stamps on the Kashmiries passport to confine them. 


Now Srinagar-Muzaffarabad bus service has been started since April 7th, 2005. But very little numbers of passenger can be facilitating through this bus service. The passengers, those arrival destinations are Jammu, Rajauri, Akhnoor and Poonch have to travel more than eighteen hours.  The long journey of this root is seasonally difficult and other factor is high mountains area.  Ice sliding and land sliding are the main causes to block the road.  So there are also other demands to open short, safe and secure root too like Jammu-Mirpur root on Chumb-Jorrian crossing point on LOC.  It is easy travel root for majority of Kashmiri emigrants resident in Mirpur Division, Punjab and other parts of Pakistan.


There are two capitals of Indian Occupied Kashmir depend on season.  Summer season capital is Srinagar and winter season capital is Jammu.  Jammu is the second largest and well-known city of Indian Occupied Kashmir. Jammu has also importance for its geographically position. Many major cities of Punjab are nearby Jammu like Sialkot (only 30 kilometers). The less slope area, plain area and famous cities of Azad Jammu & Kashmir are not also far away from Jammu city. Mirpur is international city of Azad Jammu & Kashmir. Mirpur is also called “Birmingham of Asia”.  The distance between Jammu and Mirpur cities is about one hundred kilometers.  Jammu-Mirpur root via Chumb-Jorrian is famous way in ancient time.  The mostly part of this famous road is well existing across the LOC.  The broken bridge of Tawi River on LOC divides both parts of the road.  Mirpur-Jammu road is totally ice and land sliding free.  There are not seasonal effects on these cities; whole the year temperature is suitable. Another fact is that majority of Kashmiries emigrants are settled nearby this root. The nearby cities of Jammu-Mirpur road are Akhnur, Udhampur, Rajauri, Poonch, Noshehra, Bhimber, Mirpur, Kotli, Jhelum, Gujarat, Sialkot, Gujranawala, Mureed Kay, Rawalpindi, and Lahore etc. About two millions Jammu emigrants families members are living in these cities.  Journey to Mirpur and Jammu from these cities is easily available, rapidly and better. This root can be expanding in future because it is cheap, easy, and plain. It can keep permanently open whole the year.  It is also analysis for last one year that majority of passengers have arrived Muzaffarabad through Srinagar-Muzaffarabad bus service is belongings to Rajauri and Poonch.  Rajauri and Poonch are not far away from Jammu.  Noshehra, Akhnur, Poonch and Udhampur are located short distance from Jammu. And majority of Jammu emigrants are also belongings from these cities. 


Mirpur is more important city because it is very near to eight entry points (out of eleven) of Punjab-Azad Kashmir border. Jammu-Mirpur bus service via Chumb-Jorrian crossing point not only will be meet the divided Kashmiries families but also make a historical change in the region. Opening of Chumb-Jorrian crossing point also provide strong base to the peace process between India-Pakistan.


International community should be put pressure on India to open Chumb-Jorrian crossing point under human affection.  India and Pakistan should take necessary steps to open Chumb-Jorrian crossing point in the favour of two millions Jammu emigrants.  (The End)



Greece Must Give Residience Papers And Equal Rights  To      Illegal Emigrants.


 Greece Govt has made hard and insufficient emigrations laws for illegal emigrants.  These emigrations laws have increased problems of illegal     emigrants in Greece.  They have to leave Greece.  These emigrants are paying strong role in Greece economics from last two decades.  Recently in Greek, amendments in emigration laws are showing racism and prejudice against illegal emigrants.  Greece are creating new difficulties for illegal emigrants instead of   reduce pre-exist problems of illegal emigrants.  Such Greece behaviour to      illegal emigrants is clearly injustice, racism, inequality and human rights violation.  Greece must cancel or amend such a black laws and give more relief and         flexibility to achieve a legal Greece residence papers.  Only twenty thousands 
illegal emigrants have given residence papers out of 0.5 million applicants.  Due to hard emigration laws, very less applications have approved in this open           emigration period. Greece existing policy clearly shows that it does not like          emigrants more stay in Greece. Other hand emigrants were hoped that Greece     must give residence papers to all applicants. This time total 1.15 millions number of illigal emigrants are living in Greece.  And Greece should give half of them     

residience papers and legal living or work status.  In addition Greece has also    increased fee upto nine hundred Euro for five year stay papers.  This fee is also so high as compare to other countries.  According to Greece institute and         

Impartial correspondence, illegal emigrants have taken strong role in Greece       economics.  This time eleven percent emigrant’s manpower is making visible      efforts in Greece economics. To meet the current situations, Greece have to need make soft emigration laws and give legal status to all illegal emigrants according to human affection.  Greece must obey international laws of emigrant and make urgent steps to solve such a difficult situations. This time many international       

Human rights organizations, Albanian, Sudan Ian, Pakistanis and other countries citizen have protest in Athens against these hard immigration laws. Greece must control the human traffic and give legal status to all illegal emigrants present still in Greece. (The End)

Indian Forces Human violations in Occupied Kashmir in  last 22 years ( from Jan 1989 to April 2010)                                   


  • Innocent kashmiries arrested in fake references.                         1,17,057
  • Structured houses and shops were wracked or demolished        105,841
  • Women widows                                                                             22,723
  • Orphan children                                                                             107,341
  • Kashmiries innocent citizen killed                                                  93,209
  • Kashmiries killed in under custody in fake encounters                  6,967
  • Women gang-raped / Molested                                                        9,909


Organization News


Pakistan and India must open Chumb Jorian-Jammu Crossing Point 


There are 2.5 million kashmiries migrate are living in Jammu sector of Azad Jummu & Kashmir and Pakistan.  A majority of kashmiries migrates in   these big cities Barnala, Mirpur, Jutlaan, Dadyal, Jhelum, Gujrat, Rawalpindi, Chakwal, Sialkot, Gujranwala, and Lahore etc. These all cities have low distance from this crossing time.  Kashmiries want to cross LOC only on entry permit.  Pakistan and India make it possible as soon as possible and open Chumb Jorian-Jummu crossing point.  A large number of kashmiries are waiting its opening but Pakistan and India still have not make sufficient steps to open this.  Make urgent steps to open it for the peace process and make LOC a soft line.

              (Voice Of Kashmiries)

We have located  a missed person Mr. Faiz S/O Anait Khan residince of Barnala, Azad Kashmir. on dateded Oct. 18th, 2005 from UKRAINE.  He left Pakistan to Mosco and Ukraine for  employment.  And after this some human smuglers captured  him.  After great struggle and co-operation of Pakistan embassy, Kiev, Ukraine missed person Mr. Fiaz  have been located and soon would become Pakistan.  We shall be great thank full to the staff   and Ambassdor of Pakistan embassy, Kiev. There is copy of e-mail to  Chairman KWRT Chaudhry Muhammad Akmal from third secretary  Pakistan embassy Kiev.
From: "Embassy of Pakistan, Kyiv" <>
Subject: Missed person
Date: Tue, 18 Oct 2005 14:43:33 +0300
Dear Mr. Muhammad Akmal,
The Embassy of Pakistan would like to inform you that  MR.Faiz Ahmed has been
located.  The Embassy is issuing him an emergency passport and
soon he would sent back home.
best regards,
(Mohammad Aamir Khan)
Third Secratry


*  Azad Kashmir is facing biggest crises of the current century in the Oct 8th, 2005 earthquake. 




There are 6 billon ruppees have to need for re- construction and re-hablitation.  More than 35 lac people have become homeless and shivring in cold.

  Mostly people have not tents, medicines, food, first aid and sheltor. 

Kashmir Welfare and Research Trust foriegn co-ordinators have established relief camps in many cities. 

Donate genorously for wounded child and womens. 

About 90 thousand people have  died in the biggest earthquake of  this century in Azad Kashmir.

More than 1 lac people have injured and wounded in this earthquake.  Parts of bodies have been cut of many people.

Hundred of death have been occured by cause of  cold.

Pains and sorrow everywhere in Azad Kashmir.

People are looking for help to sky.

Donate  KWRT, save humanity and innocents life.




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